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North Carolina State University began a project in 2004 concentrating on organic grain production in North Carolina. This project has focused on equipping farmers in North Carolina with the skills and agronomic support needed to produce and market organic grain crops. The goal of this project is to motivate individuals, through extension educational activities, to adopt organic crop rotations and to pursue markets for their value-added farm products.

Many North Carolina farmers have expressed interest in opportunities for organic grain production. Through this project, extension education workshops and farm tours for farmers and their advisors are addressing production issues unique to organic management. Research on overcoming the challenges of organic grain production is also an important part of the project.

Demand for organic corn, soybeans, and wheat in North Carolina continues to grow. There are five large buyers of organic grain in the state, using over 9 million dollars worth of organic grain. Most of that grain is imported to the state. This project has great potential to help farmers in North Carolina realize the profitability of organic grain production.

One of the results of this project is the North Carolina Organic Grain Production Guide. This guide provides extensive information on production of organic corn, small grains, and soybeans, organic weed management, fertility, organic certification, marketing, and organic crop budgets. It can be ordered from the distribution center of the Agriculture Communication Services through Jeanne Marie Wallace, telephone 919-513-3152 or fax 919-515-6938 or email

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For more information about this project, contact:

Molly Hamilton

Extension Assistant and Project Coordinator

Department of Crop Science, NCSU

6 Sugar Hollow Ln

Fairview, NC 28730

telephone: 828-273-1041



Dr. Chris Reberg-Horton

Assistant Professor and Organic Cropping Specialist

Department of Crop Science, NCSU

Campus Box 7620

Raleigh, NC 27695-7620

telephone: 919-515-7597

fax: 919-515-5855




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